Wild-fire season? The best car air purifier for smoke

Look, we don’t want to be “those guys”, but we are starting to notice more and more incidents where the world seems to tell us where we went wrong. Global warming, spontaneous fires in California, the smog of Hong-Kong and many many more: these dangers in the air should open our eyes to the fact that they are everywhere, and it’s time you’d know how to protect yourself from them. 

The world’s rapidly changing, and in a bigger picture kind of way, it poses new emerging challenges each day that passes. Levels of air pollution are steadily on the rise, weather and climate changes occur yearly and create a new reality with which we need to deal. And it’s not just the ice that’s melting, or the bees that are disappearing – these environmental issues strike you much closer than that, and if it doesn’t touch your heart it still definitely reaches your lungs. 

This is not the first time we notice a burst of wild-fires in areas such as California. These fires are spreading all around the world, and they are extremely dangerous. The pace in which they spread, the levels of heat they reach and the burnt debris it leaves behind it are not the only dangers though. Smoke travels fast and long, and it infiltrates our airspace wherever we go nowadays. 

There is a unique need now for air purifiers that can combat smoke and its residual effects. At an age when smoke gets in everywhere and makes it harder for us to breath normally, you need to understand how to take care of your own airspace from now on. 

Smoke control and air purification

The history of smoke control is as long and as vast as the history of humankind’s technological advancements. You can find smoke control solution almost anywhere you look, from the early coal engines to the modern fireplace Santa visits each year. But when it comes to residual particles of smoke that pollute our air in a way that forces us to wear masks sometimes – we need far more sophisticated solutions.

Air purification is the first solution that pops into mind, and that’s the way it should be. Passing the air that we breath firstly through a dedicated system to remove all the harmful contaminates is the perfect solution for the minimization of health risks in smoke-ridden environments. These devices allow you to breath calmer, knowing that you’re doing all that you can to ensure the best quality of air for yourself. But are you? These are the things you need to know before buying an air purifier for smoke.

HEPA air purifiers, are they enough?

Short answer: no. The long answer is a little more detailed than that. HEPA filters are textile based filters that are woven so tightly that they don’t let anything pass them. This is, quite literally, the best that the market has to offer right now when it comes to particulate filtration: removing dust, pollen, allergens and many other small particles that float around in our airspace.

But smoke is made of particles way too small for any HEPA filter to catch. So, while it’s super effective in some fields of filtration, it just does not have the effect you’re looking for in air purifiers for smoke. The secret here, as is the secret of life on earth, is carbon. Activated carbon to be exact. Using activated carbon granules or filters actually means a tightly structures, highly dense, carbon layer that is able to absorb smoke, gases and other harmful chemicals. These pollutants are permanently attached to the activated carbon, removing them completely from your breathable air.

So, are HEPA filters worth it? Defiantly. But are they enough to fight smoke? no. In order to remove smoke from your car you’ll need a combination of filtration solutions, and a better air purifier.

Vootto – air purifier for smoke

Team work is everything, and when it comes to the huge variety of pollutants that we need to filter out of the air we breath, team work is essential. While HEPA filters catch particulate matter, and carbon absorbs chemical pollutants and smoke, other filters provide antiviral properties to the mix and other can even remove odors. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to choose.

Vootto’s Active Shield air filter is the most advanced filter out there, combining four layers of filtration that are come in one little, easy-to-replace, capsule. Our HEPA filter is the highest grade particulate filter out there, combined with a layer of activated carbon to absorb all the residual smoke that plagues your air. A layer of anti-smell granules, comprised of over 200 herbs, neutralizes all odors and leaves the space free for the scent that you’re choosing to use from our collection. But our killer edge? Is the IN-EX anti-viral nano-coating that ensures our Active Shield air filter actively eliminates all germs that pass through it.

The real secret here is not to look for the right “air purifier for smoke”, but rather, to look for the best air purifier that can deal with anything that you need it to deal with. Time to get a solid solution, and get clear fresh air anytime, anywhere. Don’t you think?

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