Why Ambulances Should have Antiviral Air Purifiers

With the rise of infectious diseases, our society is becoming more aware of health risks and may be timid in using the services at our disposal. Placing antiviral air purifiers in ambulances can rebuild our confidence in the safety and sanitization of getting emergency medical care.

Can HEPA air purifiers be used as air purifiers for covid?

Covid and other contagious viruses are a big concern while working in an ambulance. Seeing as emergency caregivers don’t want to create a cycle of contracting and transmitting any viruses, they provide emergency care wearing protective gear that limits their physical range. If antiviral air purifiers were carried in ambulances, the care providers would be able to leave some of the unnecessary protective gear behind and give more efficient treatment to the patient. HEPA air purifiers, for example, have a very impressive filter but, some viruses and contaminants may be too small for it to capture. However, when it comes to antiviral air purifiers, ionizers can be powerful air purifiers for covid. Casting negatively charged ions, they are able to target smaller particles such as viruses and volatile organic compounds known as VOCs. However, rather than destroying the contaminants, the ionizers’ static makes the particles stick to the surfaces in the room, leaving the ambulance still contaminated. Additionally, ionizers emit unsafe amounts of ozone which is toxic to breathe. Rendering them as impractical, especially for the use of ambulances.

Creating a cleaner workspace with HEPA air purifiers 

At first glance, ambulances seem to have the most disinfected and cleanest surfaces we know. And, to some extent they do. However, when you take into consideration the quick rotation of patients coming into emergency care, whether they were in a crash, have a recurring health issue, or even have alcohol poisoning, you soon realize, that the care providers are exposed to a considerable amount of germs and harsh odors that are passed around by the many people coming in and out of the ambulance. Having an antiviral air purifier on board can be very relieving for many patients and care providers alike. Unlike ionizers which leave contaminants in the room, Vootto’s air purifier has all the benefits of a HEPA air purifier but is also uses a silver ion coated filter complex enough to eliminate smaller particles that are left over by the HEPA filter. Getting rid of not only all viruses that can be contracted, but also smoke, dust, pollen, allergens, and even the pollution from vehicles and the road itself. Because the Vootto air purifier is also very effective in neutralizing odors, the air purifier will alleviate some of the discomforts between the patient and the care provider while also helping the emergency care providers be less distracted and more attentive to the treatment they’re giving. 

Antiviral air purifiers post-pandemic

Having experienced a pandemic the past few years, we’ve collectively become more conscious of our own health and the risk we may cause others if we don’t take responsibility and initiative. Antiviral air purifiers have been proving themselves to be useful in ridding the air of harmful bacteria, allergens, viruses, and powerful odors. For those reasons, they have become a very popular home accessory. Placing antiviral air purifiers in ambulances will ease a lot of the patients’ distress that comes from being in that environment. It will also show our hard-working emergency care providers that they are appreciated and give them the feeling that they are being taken care of. As of now, Vootto equipps the ambulance fleet of United Hatzalah in Israel with antiviral air purifiers that keep both patients and paramedics safe. 

Time to get in contact with us and get a new antiviral solution for yourself.

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