What to check when buying a travel air purifier?

Air pollution is a problem that we are all too well aware of. We know to recite its dangers and the risks it poses, but we barely know what can truly help with that. Travel air purifiers are a huge, important appliance that we should invest in. But what should you look for? Just keep reading.

Living in modern times requires us to be aware of everything that surrounds us. And when we say everything, we mean everything – including those little particles that float around in the air around us constantly. Some may be just annoying, like some odor particles that can turn our space into an unpleasant chamber of stench, and some are downright dangerous, like the Coronavirus or other germs that lurk in the air, waiting for us to breath them in.

Being aware of the dangers in the air is step one, the second step is to understand how to combat them. What exactly does air purification do, how can it be helpful for you and why should you hurry up and get your own travel air purifier? All answers are here, just keep reading.

Personal air purifier – what are they good for?

When it comes to air purification, we all understand the logic behind it. Adding another stop for the air that we breath before it reaches us is the first step, and the second is to filter out as much of the contaminates that inhibit it by using a a tightly woven filter. It makes sense, than, that so many purifiers are available out there with so many different kinds of filters and technical specs. Instead of standing alone in front of the limitless selection – we are here to help you identify the perfect purifier for you.

At the end of the day, we have three main groups of pollutants that we want to get rid of before breathing:

  1. Smoke and other gases
  2. Dust and other allergens
  3. Germs, viruses and bacteria

Personal air purifiers tend to be smaller than the bigger devices made for our homes or offices, and this size reduction means that most of these purifiers give up on one, or more, of the filters that you truly need. While a HEPA filter can get rid of allergens and other small particles, it isn’t equipped to deal with smoke, and as much as the Activated Carbon filter is efficient against gases and smoke it won’t help against germs.

At the end of the day you need to make sure that the personal air purifier you’re looking at, no matter how small and compact, can truly help you with all groups of contaminates you don’t want to breath in.

Travel air purifiers – better air on the go

The use of air purifiers for large spaces, like our own homes and offices, have become a staple of modern living and is fairly common. Most households in the 21st century employ an air purifier to create a better air quality in the space. It has become a staple of modern living because we know that low circulation in enclosed spaces helps pollution settle in our airspaces – so why aren’t we using it in other enclosed spaces as well?

Our car, one of the spaces where we spend the most time in our week, is a perfect use case for the need of air purification. The accumulation of pollutants in the cabin, plus the higher levels of pollution on the road and all of the city’s smog, can get up to 15 times worse than what it is outside of the car. And while we might think that since we don’t spend as much time in our cars as we do in our homes, travel air purifiers are as important as home units, especially when considering the rates of actual pollution.

Even when you travel, you still need to filter out all of the invisible dangers from the air, and what you need to be looking for is a compact device that can simply keep you and your loved ones safe. And boy, we got a travel air purifier just fo you.

Vootto – the best travel air purifier

Vootto set out to turn every vehicle into a bubble of safe air by creating a device that could clear a cabin of contaminants and pathogens in under 10 minutes. Existing car filters and air purifiers were simply inadequate or too weak, and so we realized that to create the best product, we’d have to build everything from scratch.

Vootto utilizes a unique system of air routing and filtration using our very own Active Shield air filter. This filter, built into one simple-to-replace capsule, provides you with the best possible filtration and sanitization solution using 4 different layers that rid the air of 99% of all contaminates, and that includes smoke, germs and particles. That includes our IN-EX antiviral coating, a patented solution exclusive for Vootto that eliminates germs, even the Coronavirus, with 99.15%.

And that’s not all. While most travel air purifiers are not capable of providing a real safe space to travel within, Vootto’s engine and blade designs ensure that it does exactly what it promises to do. Inefficient suction components causing slow rate of filtration and circulation prevent current air purifiers from actually eliminating all, or even most, of the contaminates in the air. On top of that, harmful ozone and negative ions released from typical UV or ionization techniques to eliminate germs are extremely harmful in small spaces like your car, unlike our IN-EX coating which is completely safe for the users.

Vootto is the best travel air purifier you can find out there, and now that you know that you need one – isn’t it time you start reclaiming your own airspace?

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