This is why your car smells like rotten eggs

There had been many a question that mankind had worked together to answer. This, however, was not one of them. Smelly cars are a problem we all know and love to hate, and those rear-view-mirror scented trees just don’t cut it. Why does it happen, how can you prevent it, and what to do now? Just keep reading. 

The invention of the automobile was the spark of a brand new world. It made travel easier and transporting goods from one place to another suddenly became a tangible possibility for many. It’s no surprise, then, that this vehicle had become a must in the modern world, so much so that the U.S average stands at almost 2 cars per household. 

This invention completely reimagined the way we live, and added a whole new space we can call “home” to our lives. We spend almost 9 hours in our cars in the U.S every week, and that’s not considering the traffic. It is no surprise then that making the car a homely space had become a whole market by itself. Fuzzy dice, upholstery covers, and air fresheners had been introduced as tools to make your car ride more pleasant, tackling many issues that arise from simply sitting in a small enclosed tin can. And this small enclosed tin can? Can get stuffy. 

Accumulated odors in the car is a well-known problem, and most of us deal with it by “freshening the air” with those little rear-view-mirror trees that disperse perfume. But the problem is accumulated scents, and adding another scent agent to the mix won’t help. What does?

Rotten eggs in your car or wet-dog? How scents interact

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to distinguish between those smells. By this point, we as a culture decided to use these scents as totems for “all things stinky” – and we can’t blame ourselves. Scents have a tendency to mix with each other and create new, unique, amalgams of horribleness, and the mechanics of it is pretty simple to understand. 

Scent particles are heavier than air, and so they “fall” unto the surfaces of our car – upholstery, plastic, and most importantly fabrics. These particles can get absorbed in those surfaces and they keep slowly releasing over time. That sandwich you ate last week is sitting in your car’s carpet and plotting its return with the stench of the smog from yesterday’s traffic jam.

So, the best thing to do when it comes to stinky smelly cars – is not letting these scents settle in your in the first place. That’s the solution that you are looking for.

Car odor eliminator – not air freshener

Let’s have an exercise in logical thinking – scents accumulate in your car’s interior and surfaces, they slowly release to create the horrible stench that you are more then ready to get rid of. What should you do? it’s only logical to not introduce even more scents into the space. Right? So why do we do that?

Air fresheners in the market today tend to forget this simple logic, and are based mostly on incorporating a fairly strong scent agent to “mask” the existing odors in your car. It might help for a little bit, but once the scent agent is gone, the stench returns as strong as ever.

What you need is a car odor eliminator, not another ingredient in the boiling soup of scents that you already got going on. This could be found in a number of methods out there, like ionizers for example, or aerosol sprays, but the concept is the same. Scent particles slowly release over time and float freely in the air, remember? These solution combat the free particles in the air, either by filling it with negative ions that neutralize them on contact or by filling it with neutral particles that won’t allow the stench to be released.

But what do you do with the particles that are still absorbed in your cabin? Firstly – invest in some carpet and fabric shampoo and start rubbing. Cleaning the surfaces that most absorb scents will eliminate most of the scents that linger on. But the best thing to do is prevention. And what you truly need is not only a car odor eliminator, but actually the best car air purifier.

Vootto Heat car air purifier.

Vootto – the best car odor eliminator

The number one tip that anyone can ever give to you when talking about prevention of odor accumulation is to simply air out the space. Air exchange allows for the absorbed scents to release faster and get carried away. But when it comes to small enclosed spaces, where circulation is super low, what you truly need is an air purifier.

With a system that works for you, vacuuming and replacing the air in your vehicle, it creates the effect of circulation that you want to achieve. Sort of. When a space is completely open the free scent particles get carried away and dissolve. In enclosed spaces, there’s nowhere for the particles to get carried to. That’s where the importance of air filters comes in, and their ability to actually catch and neutralize odors.

Vootto is the best car air purifier in terms of circulation, with a superior vacuum power that replaces the entire air in the cabin up to 10 times per hour. This allows us to create a huge circulation effect, while passing the air through our own Active Shield air filter. Our anti-smell filter, comprised of a combination of more than 200 herbs, completely neutralize all odors that pass through the system, before adding the scent that you chose from our collection.

This allows us to not only prevent odors from accumulating in the first place, but also deal with existing stenches, catching those free particles before they reach your nose.

Odors are a huge problem in small spaces to this day. I mean, who of us haven’t walked in a cab at least once and regretted ever going in, and it’s about time we’d have a proper solution. Reclaim your airspace and remove all unwanted odors, finally. Oh, and choost your favorite scent. No more smell of rotten eggs in your car.

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