our partners

Our Partners

Vootto provides people with the ability to reclaim their space by neutralizing all odors and creating a personalized refreshed atmosphere. We empower people, and when it comes to our connections with our partners - we do everything is our power to empower the entire industry.

B2B Leasing Model

Vootto offers a leasing model for its product and values. With a fixed monthly fee, the leasing client, company or fleet will be provided with a Vootto console and a constant supply of both scent and filter capsules.

Vootto will provide the scents and the filters as needed, depending on the use of the device and users’ preferences. A constant renewal of Vootto supplies will preserve vehicle value, create a better service and experience for clients and will ensure a safer environment for both driver and passengers.

Vootto Partners

Our partners are our greatest asset, and we are
always looking to expend our connections.

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Join the Ride,
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