Air Purifiers for Covid All you need to know

When a germ is airborne, like the Coronavirus, it gets a lot more difficult to contain it. Being able to move freely through the air we breath makes it clear that we must be equipped with the best air purifier available for the Covid problem. But which is the better one? And why?

During 2021, the World Health Organization released a Ventilation Guide in relations to Covid-19. This document encourages the public to use HEPA air purifiers in the spaces that they inhibit with other people, claiming it to be effective in reducing the risk of contamination by up to a staggering 80%. And the logic is fairly simple – airborne germs aren’t really floating around, they attach themselves to small particles that travel with the air. Particles like dust or pollen, contaminates that we already know and love to hate. Most HEPA filters are super effective in catching these tiny particles, and collecting all of them in one spot instead of letting all the germs spread all across the room? There’s the risk reduction for you. 

And while we agree with this statement, it is not necessarily the most accurate one. When it comes to sanitization and germ-elimination, a HEPA filter just doesn’t cut it. Collecting germs isn’t the same as eliminating them, and it’s a very important distinction. 

UV air purifiers – a risky business

When it comes to air purifiers, the available technology is limited. Most of them use the same HEPA filters to catch the germs, which was proven effective, but without a proper sanitization tech – these germs keep living on top of the filter. Congratulations – your purifier is now a habitat of what you wanted to avoid. The constant exchange of air in the device might cause some of these germs to get released back into the air, living, and ready to pass on the disease. 

To destroy viruses and bacteria, purifiers employ UV solutions mostly. By exposing the germs to this light for an extended period, they perish. Sounds perfect right? Wrong. UV solutions can emit harmful byproducts to the air, namely Ozone (O3), which in large quantities of consumption can even be deadly. When it comes to a small space, like the space of your car for example, having a UV solution emit Ozone is even more dangerous, filling the space much faster for its dimensions. 

And if that’s not enough, the period in which these solutions work is problematic in itself. For this sanitization technology to properly work, the virus must be exposed to the light for a long duration of time. In the meanwhile, it can still multiply, infect and get released back into the air. While this method is highly effective in bigger spaces, and spaces less frequented by the user, but when it comes to your own personal airspace? UV air purifiers are a no-go. 

Vootto - Car Air Purifier for Covid

Active Shield – the best air purifier for Covid

When it comes to sanitization, it’s about time for a real innovation to be made. A solution that provides anti-microbial properties in a safe and efficient way. A whole new technology altogether. And it starts at a molecular level. 

When oxidized, copper (yes, the metal) have a highly interesting effect on germs: it completely disintegrates their protein membrane. No membrane – no germ. This property of copper is the basis for the disruptive IN-EX technology found in Vootto’s own Active Shield air filter. Using a unique technique, we incorporate nano copper-oxide particles into the HEPA filter in an unbreakable bond. This bond process makes sure that no particle of copper will get released back into the air, and that the filter will retain its antimicrobial properties for the whole duration of its lifetime. 

The Active Shield air filter uses the HEPA filter’s capability of catching the virus, and then begins to actively eliminateit, so it can no longer pose any danger. And what about Covid? This technology is one of the only ones to be tested on a live version of SARS-COV-2, under a strict global ISO standard, and was proven to eliminate it with 99.15% efficiency

The best part? The Active Shield air filter does not emit any byproducts. It’s about time we will be able to safely eliminate germs, especially at these times of a global pandemic. The best air purifier for Covid is the one that can work with you in the same space without posing any health risk, and that can travel with you anywhere you go. The best air purifier for Covid is Vootto. 

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