Our quality of life depends on the air we constantly breathe, yet urban environments, filled with smog, exhaust, smoke, and dust, offer few safe places to breathe. In 2017, founder and CEO Ron Eyal saw the need for an air purifier that could travel in the car and provide fresh clear air on the go.

Vootto performs better than any other brand because of its innovative air routing system and its unique set of blades that provide the fastest rate of filtration.

Not only that, Vootto’s exclusive Active Shield technology traps and destroys bacteria and viruses without releasing harmful byproducts, such as ozone or negative ions. Simply put, Vootto is in a league of its own.

our vision

Our mission is to create a new standard of quality and raise the bar in air purifier technology. No other brand is focused on bringing the best technology to personal airspace.

Vootto set out to turn every vehicle into a bubble of safe air by creating a device that could clear a cabin of contaminants and pathogens in under 10 minutes. Existing car filters and air purifiers were simply inadequate or too weak, and so the Vootto team realized that to create the best product, they’d have to build everything from scratch. Vootto came together as a result of designing each component from the ground up and working with the best minds towards one mission.

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